Adoption Information
In order to be approved for adoption, you must understand the following, send us response to the 7 questions at the bottom:

Owning a white swiss shepherd is a a lifetime (the life of the dog) commitment, as they live upwards of 14 years. Is a White Swiss Shepherd the right breed for you? Shepherd puppies without adequate supervision may be a handful, and can become territorial, protective, and aggressive. They may dig, chew, bark, jump up, and poop in the house! They may wander off (or actively seek to escape!) and become lost and/or injured. These behaviors can be prevented by careful planning, supervising, and training. Before you buy a puppy, you must understand that you will have to socialize them in a range of situations. This breed is naturally aloof and socialization is a must, and the earlier the better. Examples would be car rides, trips to the park (not just the dog park but not before vaccinated) and meeting lots of strangers. Obedience class is great because it allows the dog to meet both new people and other dogs. This breed is very smart and intuitive to its surroundings and handler, and must be taught how you expect it to act in public and at home. No application will be accepted for apartment style living.

Shepherds can be sensitive to discipline, and a positive reinforcement training style is the best way to train your shepherd. Shepherds are very loyal, active, and require lots of exercise. White Swiss Shepherds tend to be somewhat mellower than the historical German shepherd lines, but they have very active minds and bodies and can have destructive tendencies; these will usually arise out of a dog's boredom or lack of a "job" within the household. They are naturally protective don't ever expect them to walk up to a stranger with their tail wagging. If you want that behavior then this breed is not for you. White Swiss Shepherds are great with children, other dogs, and if properly introduced, get along fine with cats and other smaller animals.

Purchasing a puppy from Calabreses' Bella Neve Shepherds means that you also agree to the following:
1. That your living arrangements provide adequate room for exercise and play for your pup. In other words-If your address has an apartment number or a space number you will likely not be approved for adoption.
2. Your yard is safely fenced to keep your puppy from escaping.
3. You understand the necessity of lots of early socialization.
4. You will make all the essential adjustments to your home before the puppy arrives.


1. Buyer agrees to use the kennel name "Calabreses' Bella Neve" as the first part of a dog's name for registration. An examples would be Calabreses' Darling of Lily or Calabreses' Bella Neve Dublin.
2. Buyer agrees to register puppy (or transfer ownership if the dog is already registered) within 90 days of receiving the form and send a photocopy of the certificate to the seller.
3. Buyer agrees to inform seller any time they move or change phone numbers, especially a co-ownership.
4. If during the 30 days of ownership, if you cannot keep the dog for any reason, buyer agrees to return the dog to the seller and receive a refund. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses, if any. If after 30 days, the dog may be returned, however without a refund.
5. Buyer agrees not to sell, trade, lease out, euthanize (except under emergency conditions to end suffering), or give away the dog without our permission. I would never knowingly sell a dog to an irresponsible dog owner and would not want someone buying one of my dogs from a third party. If you ever decide that you can no longer care for the dog it must be returned (at your expense) to Calabreses' Bella Neve Kennels, where we will re-homed if possible. In some cases we will allow a buyer to rehome themselves so long as we approve of the new owner.
6. Buyer agrees to comply with all local ordinances regarding the keeping of dogs, in addition to providing adequate food, water, housing, immunizations and health care and humane treatment for the dog.
7. If purchased on a spay-neuter contract, buyer agrees to prevent the dog from breeding (even by accident) and buyer agrees to wait to have the dog spayed/neutered until the dog is at least 12 months of age, and after the female's first heat cycle, whichever is later. New health data is indicating that altering a dog too early may result in problems like hip dysplasia and some cancers. Any breeding under a spay/neuter contract is strictly prohibited, and attempts at registering any litters from a dog that was to be spayed/neutered will be reported to the appropriate kennel club, where the likely resulting action will be a ban of your rights as a breeder for life.

The goal of Calabreses' Shepherds with its breeding program is to produce dogs of sound mind and body, conforming as closely as possible to the United Kennel Club's White Shepherd breed standard. Our puppies carry the following guarantees with relation to health:

1. All pups are guaranteed regarding hip/elbow dysplasia. However, pedigrees that are free of hip dysplasia, for example, do not always guarantee 100% that a puppy will be free of these issues. Hip and elbow dysplasia can also become present if a dog is ever injured, especially in athletic/working breeds such as these. With that in mind our guarantee is as follows: In the case of bad hips and elbows, that would be an OFA grade of Moderate or Severe dysplasia on hips, or anything worse than DJD grade 1 on elbows. Hip X-rays must be taken and submitted to the OFA before the age of 36 months (3 years), and BEFORE BREEDING to qualify for this guarantee. If at that time the dog has a rating qualifying under the guarantee, Calabreses' Bella Neve Shepherds will either replace the dog, or refund the purchase price. At our discretion, we may require the dog be re-x-rayed using Penn Hip instead of OFA testing. If still the dog shows dysplasia we will either refund or replace the dog. Guarantee does not apply to dogs with joint issues due to injury. Puppies sold on a breeding or show contract are guaranteed to have a minimum rating at 24 months of fair hips and free of elbow dysplasia.
2. With respect to any other genetic health issues, if it becomes apparent that your dog has a life threatening genetic defect, with written confirmation from a vet we will either replace or refund your purchase price of the dog.
3. When you get your puppy home, they will likely have had 2 sets of vaccinations, have been wormed 2 times, DNA profiled and microchipped. You will still need to obtain a rabies shot, and complete the vaccination set for puppies sent home prior to 12 weeks of age. Ask your vet first, but most times rabies shots are given between 12 and 16 weeks of age. We recommend waiting as long as possible and we NEVER recommend a puppy getting a rabies shot in conjunction with other vaccinations at the same vet visit. Our dogs are fed Fromm Gold Holistic Large Breed for puppies or adults, you can have it shipped free directly from Chewy.com. All health guarantees are VOID if you are feeding a dog food that is rated at less than a 4 stars according to http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ OR http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/ . A poor quality dog food can cause your dog to grow improperly, have bad skin, poor digestion, allergies and a countless list of other problems. Note, many dog foods are marketed as premium foods, but are full of fillers, and unsafe proteins that are preserved with carcinogens (carcinogens cause cancer. Calabreses' Bella Neve cannot back a health guarantee to anyone that is not feeding a healthy food to their dog.
With relation to sound mind (temperament) and body (conformation) our pups have the following guarantee:
1. Pups that are placed in “pet” homes are generally on a spay/neuter contract. We try our best to place pups in homes that suit the environment they are going to be placed in, however no system is perfect. If you change your mind and do not want the dog, we will take it back and refund your money if within the first 30 days of ownership. If after 30 days, the following process occurs: Yes, we will take the dog back, but no, you will not get your money back. In fact, at any time during the dog’s life if you can no longer care for the dog, bring it here to Calabreses', unless other arrangements are made and approved by Calabreses'.
2. Dogs that are placed in show/breeding homes are guaranteed to be fit for either breeding or show depending on conformation and temperament qualities. If the puppy turns out to have any disqualifying defects, we will make every attempt to replace your dog (within the first 2 years) with a puppy that suits, however it may not be from the same sire/dam breeding as the original litter.​